Business: Asmar Frocks

Asmar Frocks

Duration Of Business:

Location Of Business:
74 Hardgrave Road West End

Name Of Business:
Asmar Frocks

Type Of Business:
Frock & costume manufacturers

Business Address

  • Type of Location: Clothing Factory/Residence
    Address: 74 Hardgrave Road West End
  • Type of Location: Clothing Factory
    Address: 26 Drake Street, Hill End


When Michel (Michael) Asmar, Symia (Annie) and their young family settled in South Brisbane in 1924, he was already a Master Tailor. After working for Pike Brothers, Michel established his own business in 1925 as a Ladies and Gents Tailor at 125 Melbourne Street South Brisbane. By 1935, Asmar’s Frocks was operating at 74 Hardgrave Road which was both the family home and the clothing factory. Six of the eight children were trained by their father and worked in the business which flourished.

After Michel’s death in October 1953, his children continued the business. In the late 1950s, the clothing factory was moved from Hardgrave Road to 26 Drake Street West End. Keeping up with the times, it was decided to produce a ‘less expensive line of clothing’. While family members did the designing, cutting and managed the business, the factory also provided employment for at least twenty machinists. Selling to retailers all over Australia, this family enterprise lasted for about 56 years.


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