Business: King Ahiram Café

King Ahiram Café

Duration Of Business:
1976 -

Location Of Business:
86-88 Vulture St, West End

Name Of Business:
King Ahiram

Type Of Business:
Lebanese restaurant

Business Address

  • Type of Location: Lebanese Restaurant
    Address: 86-88 Vulture St, West End


With a 45 year presence in Vulture Street West End, King Ahiram is one of the longest running Lebanese cafes in the area. For the last 25 years the café has been owned and operated by Walid Masri who came to Australia from Tripoli Lebanon. Quality food and opening long hours contribute to the café’s success. The café opens seven days a week, twelve hours a day and the food ‘is mostly home-made’. However, the key to survival is being a family business. Walid’s wife, Moulouk, their ‘eight children and 14 grandchildren’ are all involved. According to Walid, as their continued presence in West End shows, ‘family businesses can survive many things’.

In January 2022, the cafe was destroyed by fire and since then the business has been closed.



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