Business: Reema Bedding Manufacturers

Duration Of Business:
1940s - late 1980s

Location Of Business:
19 Manning Street South Brisbane

Name Of Business:
Reema Bedding Manufacturers

Type Of Business:
Bedding factory

Business Address

  • Type of Location:
    Address: 150 Stanley Street, South Brisbane
  • Type of Location: Bedding Factory
    Address: 12 Ellen Street Moorooka


While Alfred Remanous followed the typical pattern of hawking and then shopkeeping, his son, Joseph chose to follow a different path. He bought a local bedding manufacturing factory and was joined in the business by his brothers, George, Edward and Charles (Ray). Their sister, Rose, who for three years had learned dressmaking working at the Asmar’s clothing factory, also joined the business. Although its exact starting date is not yet established, the business was operating in the early 1940s. When George married in 1943, both he and his father, Alfred, were described as bedding manufacturers.

In 1945, Reema Bedding Manufacturers were at 19 Manning Street. However by 1947, the factory was at 150 Stanley Street South Brisbane. In the late 1960s or early 1970s, the property in Stanley Street was bought by the government and Reema Bedding moved to Vulture Street. Subsequently, in the late 1970s, the business relocated to 12 Ellen Street Moorooka. The Remanous family continued operating Reema Bedding until the mid-1980s.


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