Business: Simon George & Sons

Duration Of Business:
1977 -

Location Of Business:
385 Sherwood Road Rocklea QLD 4106

Name Of Business:
Simon George & Sons

Type Of Business:
Fruit & Vegetable Merchants


After working together for almost thirty years as George’s Fruit and Vegetables, the George brothers, Simon, Joseph and Keith decided it was time to break up the business and go their separate ways. However, from this foundation, the business continues today with Simon George and Sons (SGS) selling fresh fruit and vegetables throughout Australia and overseas. Starting in Brisbane in 1964 when Simon George Senior began trading wholesale fruit and vegetables in the Brisbane Markets, Simon George & Sons has become a leading supplier of wholesale produce to ‘hotels, restaurants, retailers and institutions’. This thriving, fourth generation family business currently operates in Brisbane, Cairns, Darwin, Melbourne, Sydney and Townsville.


Joseph George, interview with Anne Monsour, Brisbane, 2019.

Maree Joseph and Helen Mahoney, interview with Anne Monsour, Brisbane, 2019.

Simon George & Sons,, 2020.