Business: Wallace Frangi, Draper

Wallace Frangi, Draper

Duration Of Business:
32 years

Location Of Business:
191 Boundary Street West End

Name Of Business:
Wallace Frangi

Type Of Business:
Drapery store

Business Address

  • Type of Location: Drapery store
    Address: 191 Boundary Street West End

Business Owner

  • Occupation: Mattress maker/Shop assistant/Draper
    Arrival in Australia: 1951
    Place of Death:


After working in Ruby and Les Richard’s drapery shop in Woolloongabba, in the late 1950s, Wallace (Wally) Frangi opened his drapery store in Boundary Street, West End an area he liked because of its diverse population. Well positioned, the business thrived, employing up to five people including a Greek speaker for the store’s many Greek customers. This drapery store operated for over 30 years.

The advent of the large shopping centres such as Garden City had an impact on the business. Despite keeping prices low, it was difficult to compete with stores such as Target, and eventually Wally was forced to reduce his staff. Although he always tried to keep a Greek employee, it was mostly family who worked for him during these years. Wally’s brother, Brian worked in the store from the 1970s until the shop closed in 1992. As was the case with most Lebanese businesses, Wally’s children also worked in the shop.

His son, Anthony, now a well-known Brisbane radio personality, set up a radio station above his father’s shop playing music and broadcasting Wally’s specials. Customers were very surprised when they realised Wally had his own radio station.

As Wally didn’t throw out his drapery’s outdated clothing, he was still selling authentic pieces from the 1970s a decade later. His daughter remembers young men coming into the shop in the late 1980s and being very excited to find the Australian 1970s style Jack shirts that Wally had kept for years hanging on the racks. She also remembers Wally’s Lebanese friends regularly visiting him at the shop for a chat and a coffee. 




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