Location: Calile Malouf & Sons, Stanley Street Woolloongabba

Calile Malouf & Sons, Stanley Street Woolloongabba

Location Type:
Drapery Store

651-657 Stanley Street Woolloongabba

-27.485766, 153.030774

Start Date:

Duration Of Location:
50 years

End Date Of Location:


In 1920, the Calile Malouf family sold their very successful General store in Charleville and returned to South Brisbane to be closer to family and friends. On their return, Calile bought 657 Stanley Street opposite the Morrison Hotel and opened a drapery store. As his daughter, Minnie, recalled:

While Dad was looking around for a business…he came across this lovely block of shops, six shops and three floors on each shop, and…it was terribly cheap…he came back and said to mum…there’s a lovely building out at the Gabba. I think I’ll buy that and we can…live on top for a while and we can open a shop underneath…Dad went back the next day and paid a deposit.


Minnie Jacobson, interview with Anne Monsour, Brisbane, 1991.

Queensland Post Office Directories to 1949.