Location: George’s Fruit & Vegetables

George’s Fruit & Vegetables

Location Type:
Fruit shop

122 Boundary Street, West End

-27.479725, 153.012382

Start Date:

Duration Of Location:
30 years

End Date Of Location:


Simon, Joe and Keith George owned and operated George’s Fruit and Vegetables at 122 Boundary Street from 1951 until the early 1980s. The business did very well and eventually, the brothers had a chain of nine or ten shops, George’s Fruit and Vegetables, throughout Brisbane. As their business developed, they bought and redeveloped the site of their first shop at 122  Boundary Street, expanding it to include a depot to supply all their fruit stores.



Joseph George, interview with Anne Monsour, Brisbane, 2019.

Businesses at this location

  • Type of Business: Fruit & Vegetable Merchants
    Duration of Business: 1950s -1980 Years