Location: Marcia’s on Montague

Marcia’s on Montague

325 Montague Road West End


Duration Of Location:
1999 -

End Date Of Location:


In 1999, Marcia Malouf-Evans established Marcia’s on Montague, a homewares gift store, at 325 Montague Road West End. Marcia has had a lifelong connection to the area, and through her father (Cecil), and her grandfather (James/Jim), this connection stretches back to the 1890s when her great grandfather, Abraham Malouf, was a storekeeper in Stanley Street South Brisbane. With her grandfather, father and mother all working in retail, her career choice also reveals a continuing thread. In about 2013, Marcia encouraged her eldest daughter to take over an unused section of their building and establish an organic supermarket. As a result, both Marcia and her daughter continue their family’s long connection to the area, to retail, and to self-employment.


Marcia Malouf-Evans, interview with Anne Monsour, Brisbane, 2019.

Rose Leat, interview with Anne Monsour, Brisbane, 2007.

Businesses at this location

  • Type of Business: Homewares, Gift and Organic Health Food Store
    Duration of Business: 1999 - Years