Person: Michael (Calile) Malouf

Michael C. Malouf

Michael C. Malouf



Zahle, Syria/Lebanon

Arrival In Australia:

Years Lived In Brisbane:
1895-1910; 1920-1971

Date Of Naturalization:

Year Of Birth:

Place Of Death:

Date Of Death:

Residential Address

  • Type of Location: Family residence
    Address: 11 Edmonstone Street South Brisbane


  • Marriage Date: 17/09/1921
    Birthplace of spouse: Ilfracombe, Qld
    Heritage of spouse: Syrian/Lebanese
    Place of marriage:


Michael Calile Malouf was only nine months old when he came with his parents, Calile and Ada, and his brother, Slamen, to Australia from Zahle, Lebanon in 1892. After a brief stay in Sydney, the family moved to Queensland. When he applied for naturalization in 1923, Michael was a self-employed draper living at 657 Stanley Street, South Brisbane. He was married with one child, Bernice, who was 11 months old and born in Brisbane. In 1921, Michael had married Miriam May Moses, the daughter of Abraham and Mary Moses who lived in Atherton, north Queensland.
The mandatory report by the Investigation Branch regarding Michael’s application was overwhelmingly positive. Michael’s was a well-known and respected Brisbane family. He had lived in Australia almost all his life, was educated in Queensland and was here to stay. It was particularly noted that Michael was Christian, a positive attribute for naturalization applicants. Michael was told that as his father was naturalized while he (Michael) was still a minor, according to section 10 of the Naturalization Act (1903), he was already ‘ a naturalized British subject’.
It is obvious that, like his father, Michael valued his life in Australia while retaining an appreciation of his Lebanese heritage. Michael was made Honorary Consul of the Lebanese Republic at Brisbane, with jurisdiction throughout the state of Queensland in October 1968 and remained Consul until his death in 1971. Comments in the records regarding his appointment as the Honorary Consul indicate the regard with which Michael was held: ‘He is stated to have an excellent reputation for private and business affairs in Queensland’.
At the time of his appointment as the Honorary Consul, Michael was the Governing Director of Calile Malouf Pty Ltd. He had been President of the Lebanese Association for 20 years and President of the Australian Lebanese Association since 1963. He was the Chairman of the St Clement’s Church committee and a member of several committees for charitable institutions. Speaking Arabic at home had obviously been effective as Michael was bilingual despite having come to Australia as an infant.
The following words included in the booklet produced to commemorate the golden jubilee of St Clement’s Church, South Brisbane in 1979 highlight Michael and his family’s contribution to Australia and to the Lebanese community: ‘Mr Michael Calile Malouf (Zahle). First Honorary Lebanese Consul in Brisbane, President for many years of the Church Committee, head of the Calile Malouf Family whose memory will ever be cherished by all Lebanese and Australians’.


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