Business: Peter and Martha Shear, Greengrocers

Duration Of Business:
1924/25 -1925/26

Location Of Business:
83 Melbourne Street, South Brisbane

Name Of Business:
Peter and Martha Shear, Greengrocers

Type Of Business:
Fruiterer & Green Grocer

Business Address

  • Type of Location: Store
    Address: 83 Melbourne Street South Brisbane


Having started life in Australia in Victoria, Peter Shear and his wife, Martha moved first to Beaudesert and then in about 1914 to South Brisbane where they bought property in Melbourne Street. Over the next decade, they acquired more property. When the South Brisbane Council resumed parts of Melbourne Street in 1925, they owned three properties on that Street. One included two shops and a house; another was a shop leased to Paling & Co; and the third was a ‘seven-roomed house’. The Shears operated their greengrocer business from one of these Melbourne Street shops.

After receiving compensation for their property, the family moved to Roma and opened a business there. Partly due to the depression, it was, in his daughter’s words, ‘a flop’. The family then moved to Dalby where they opened another business. In 1936, they moved to Toowoomba where they opened a drapery store. This business was a success and in the 1940s the Shears  were drapers in Toowoomba and Oakey.


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