Location: Peter and Martha Shear, Greengrocers

83 Melbourne Street South Brisbane


Duration Of Location:
1924/25 - 1925/1926

End Date Of Location:


In 1925, Peter Shear is listed as a fruiterer at 83 Melbourne Street South Brisbane. Peter and Martha were also property owners. After living and working in South Brisbane for more than a decade, the Shears established a drapery store at 69 Russell Street Toowoomba and later a second store at Oakey.


Adele Shear and Josephine Shear, interview with Anne Monsour, Toowoomba, 1993.

Queensland Post Office Directories to 1949.

Businesses at this location

  • Type of Business: Fruiterer & Green Grocer
    Duration of Business: 1924/25 -1925/26 Years