Location: United Fashions

United Fashions

Alfred Street The Valley


Duration Of Location:
1962 -1970

End Date Of Location:


C. Malouf and Sons established United Fashions to design and manufacture women’s clothing. The first factory was in Watson Chambers at 141 Queen Street Brisbane. In about 1962, the family purchased premises in Alfred Street The Valley which they renovated into a purpose built factory. Responsible for the Marsha Mayne label, United Fashions was a thriving enterprise which operated until the liquidation of Calile Malouf Pty Ltd in 1970.


Calile Malouf, interview with Anne Monsour, Brisbane, 2019.

Paul Ganim, interview with Anne Monsour, Brisbane, 2020.

Businesses at this location

  • Type of Business: Clothing factory
    Duration of Business: 1940s -1970 Years